Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best Tips To Get Normal Baby Delivery.

As the pregnancy approaches to its full term, many thoughts arise in a woman’s mind; one of them is whether her pregnancy will be normal or a cesarean. use these tips it helps to gives a normal baby delivery.
Avoid Standing :
Standing will make gravitational pull towards baby and pull the baby lower in the pelvis. Should avoid carrying weight to get normal delivery.

Food :
As claimed by many women, Eating spicy food helps to deliver normally.
However precautions have to be taken that lot of spices can cause gastric derangement.
Mangoes, papaya and pineapple contain bromelain an enzyme, known to soften the cervix and thus help to facilitate normal delivery at the time of labor. And thus this fruits act as labor stimulant. Fresh fruits are advisable as canned foods will destroy bromelain while it is processed during canning.

Daily Walk :
Walking is a good exercise if the contractions have started, walking will make the hips to swing sideways and help the baby to bring in proper position during birth. It is best to have a walk at least half an hour daily. The muscles and the ligaments will also get toned and facilitate easy parturition

Vascular Exercise :
Labor is a physically demanding event. Regularly practicing cardiovascular exercises before it's time to deliver builds stamina and helps your body to prepare for the delivery process. Cardiovascular exercises, sometimes called aerobic exercises, increase heartbeat and respiration. Choose low-impact exercises during pregnancy to reduce the risk of injury. Some of these recommended activities include walking, swimming and stationary biking. Consult your doctor to make sure an exercise program is safe for you and your baby before you begin.

Yoga :
Yoga increases flexibility and aids in relaxation. Various yoga positions and stretches can help pregnant women specifically by working parts of the body that will be taxed during labor and delivery. Some of these positions include squats and pelvic tilts. You can perform a stretch called the "cobbler pose" that will help to open up and loosen your pelvic area. Sit with your back against a wall and your legs flat on the floor. Bring your feet in toward each other until they are touching. Your knees should be bent. Hold this position and use your hands to gently push your knees toward the floor. Don't force them; just use light movements and stop if you feel pain or discomfort. If possible, stay in this pose for five to 10 minutes each day. 

Avoid Constipation :
Constipation is also common among pregnant women. More than 50% of pregnant women suffer from constipation at some point, in a milder or more severe. Constipation occurs in pregnancy due to an increase in the hormone progesterone and an ever-growing uterus taking up space and cramping other organs. Eat 3 to 4 Guava daily helps you to avoid constipation.

Food Avoid During Pregnancy :
During pregnancy, some foods can be harmful and the trick is to know the risk situations. Some food poisoning can have severe consequences in a pregnant woman: among these can be counted the toxoplasmosis, the food borne diseases, and listeriosis. To avoid this type of problems, you should eat meat very cooked, avoid eating raw foods (raw milk, smoked fish and raw milk cheeses); avoid the frozen products, the processed meats such as pate and remove the cheese rind. You should try to take firm hygiene precautions when it comes to the storage and handling of food.

Alcohol is strongly discouraged during pregnancy. It is best to remove it completely or limit it to an occasionally glass of wine. Besides the very serious fetal alcohol syndrome that affects children of alcoholic women, the consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol contributes to prematurity and low birth weight. The risk is increased very rapidly by two glasses of wine per day.

During pregnancy, you should try to avoid the high calorie foods as well. Indeed, the maternal obesity augments the risks for both the mother and child: preeclampsia, hypertension, diabetes, urinary infections, and even thromboembolic events. The risks at delivery are increased as well, with a high proportion of cesarean sections. The weight gain should be limited and a regular medical monitoring is necessary.

Nutrition :
During pregnancy a woman has to provide good nutrition for two individuals. The growing baby gets all its nourishment from its mother through the umbilical cord, so diet is very important. If the mother is lacking in any vitamins and nutrients her baby might lack them too and weakness can be cause of cesarean delivery.
If a woman has had trouble keeping her weight up or down before the pregnancy, she should make a nutritional plan with the help of her doctor or midwife.

Coconut Oil/Pure Ghee
Is it true that oily things like Pure Ghee made by Cow Milk Cream can make delivery easy. if someone drink milk with desi ghee/Coconut Oil from 7th month of delivery it will make the baby healthy and delievery easy.

Perineal massage:
The benefits of massage during pregnancy are well documented — women who receive regular massage by a masseuse certified in pregnancy massage are typically more relaxed, less stressed, have less swelling and enjoy less muscle tension and joint pain. Pregnancy can be difficult physically, even in the healthiest pregnancies. Even if you didn't have massages during pregnancy, massage during labor is equally useful as a way to relax, and cope with the pain and discomfort of labor. As you massage, pull gently outward (and forward) on the lower part of the vagina with your thumbs hooked inside. This helps stretch the skin much in the same way that the baby's head will stretch it during birth. Regular massage from 7th month helps you to get normal delivery.